Autumn Is All Around

Sunset over the Surrey Hills
The area around the Holly needs to pull you towards it

After a very wet day gardening , I thought I would post some autumn sunshine photos.  The garden is very soggy at the moment, and an investment of a good pair of wellies is due. We have started clearing some of the borders of fallen leaves and  spent herbaceous flowers, this is a job I really enjoy and the garden looks so much better for it. In the compost heap ‘Max’ our huge pumpkin is being given daily care and encouragement to get bigger, by all the gardening team. He will take pride of place  on the doorstep on Halloween, though I think we will need a chainsaw to cut any face in him.

The Dahlias are looking amazing , I am a true Dahlia convert ( is this a sign of age?) I never used to like  them when I first started gardening but now I love growing them.  They are great for cut flowers and for  a dash of lasting colour in the borders. I have recently been to  Wisley Gardens  where their Trial Grounds are full of different varieties of Dahlia. This is a great way to choose colours and plants for future planting , though at this rate the garden might end up being slightly Dahlia-tastic next year.

The new rich colour scheme to replace the existing bed

At the beginning of this year we redesigned some of the herbaceous borders. We designed an avenue border that led to the main herbaceous area ( see pic), the first section of this avenue I was so pleased with, but the second section has been a problem all year. The planting combination hasn’t quite sat and the colours didn’t invite you towards the bed. So while I have had a chance, I have been collecting different  flowers from the garden to create a new  scheme. The colours have to still blend with the bed  at the front but also pull you  forwards  towards the standard Holly to investigate the area there and beyond.

Our pumpkin ‘Max’
There were ten in the bed and the little one said…..

Pigs have moved into the neighbouring orchard and are a complete distraction. They are crossed Gloster Old Spot and Tamworth and are incredibly friendly, especially if it involves and apple or a few acorns!

Black cactus Dahlia -Chat Noir

Tulip planting will soon begin, this year we have just over a thousand to plant. This is a large reduction on the previous years three thousand. They are treated as annuals because, despite trials of digging the bulbs up, storing and re-planting or even keeping them in the ground, we never get a good second year display. It’s not a favourite task, but the rewards come March and April are well worth it, especially on a sunny spring day.

Today was another grey day, but still beautiful
Adding colour to the outside table with a leaf place mat!

And finally…

At home we had a spur of the moment Conker tournament last Sunday afternoon. Such a simple thing but it was so much fun, three generation of our family played and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Followed of course by tea and cake!

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2 thoughts on “Autumn Is All Around

  1. Kelly October 29, 2012 / 11:44 am

    Wonderful pictures! The colour scheme looks amazing! Sadly the creative flair gene in our family was not passed to me. Hope you enjoyed your hols!

    • jamjarbizarre October 29, 2012 / 6:30 pm

      Kelly, your the brains! Also the dancer remember have you used to teach me to dance then make me felt medals! xx

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