Time For A Garden Update

There is still a lot of Heleniums to come out

Its been a month since I wrote about the garden that i work in, and with the rain finally ceasing last week and the sunshine coming out in force, I managed  to take a few photos in-between weeding and having a sneaky choc-ice! One of my favourite flower beds at the moment is created using mix of plants that i feel shouldnt work together, but do, there are six types of plants in this bed:-Heleniums, (the rusty red flower) Roses, Panicum Heavy Metal (grass), Ligustrum standards, Buxus balls and Achillea Cassis, though the grass is yet to properly come through, the bed still looks effective and there is still at least a months worth of colour to come.

Bright dazzling red Crocosmia Lucifer
The seed head of Scabious Paper Moon, this is so easy to grow and readily set seeds , resulting in masses of extra plants next year
A mini basket of vegetables
A mouse maybe?

The newly planted herbaceous area is a mass of colour. We have been trying to create different walk ways of colour but the area is still in its first year of being re-designed so even though it is  dazzling  and interesting, i still feel there is  work needed to get it right. Our small vegetable area has been doing well and I dug up a small basket worth of vegetables last week, but it seems something else is also enjoying the veg, I think it maybe a mouse.

A trailer of sheep fleece

The sheep have recently been shorn, but the big question these days, is what to you do with the wool? Well ours has gone to The Southdown Duvet Company, which make duvets from Southdown Sheep fleece -http://southdownduvets.com/.

This one had a really bad start and had to be bottle fed, he is the smallest and the loudest of the flock and very cute!

Of course I cant finish without a picture of the ever-growing, oh so cute lambs.

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4 thoughts on “Time For A Garden Update

  1. paisleypedlar August 1, 2012 / 7:13 am

    The garden looks stunning, you are so clever to be able to visualise something so large; and I adore the lamb, he’s soooooo cuuute!

    • jamjarbizarre August 4, 2012 / 11:21 am

      You must come and visit i would love to show you around, the lambs are so cute but quite strong now, there were 25 born in the end the flock gets ever bigger x

  2. biscuitsandbobbins August 4, 2012 / 2:02 am

    Your garden is breathtaking. I believe that mouse needs it’s own mini storybook about his escapades.. Let it not be a murder mystery… involving garden tools…, tee hee. That sheep pic makes me happy, and love your new header pic!

    • jamjarbizarre August 4, 2012 / 11:18 am

      I am very lucky to work there it is so pretty all through the year and as for the mouse he must be HUGE now! He has eaten the strawberies and the sugarsnap he tried the gooseberries but i dont think they were to his taste! I fear for him though as we have two fast black cats at work, it maybe a tragic story book x Im going to try and bake a banana toffee cake today this is a bit step in my cooking skills!!!!

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