Tutorial – How To Make A Felted ‘Peas In A Fabric Pod’ Brooch

Peas in the pod

Peas In A Pod   ***  Click the link for the instructions for your peas in a pod brooch

PEA POD PATTERN ****  Click the link for the pattern

Having been asked a few times in the past how I made my Pea Brooch, I decided to do a tutorial, I hope you find the instructions easy to follow, please ask me any questions should any problem arise! Here are the photographs for the instructions – Happy pea making ! If anyone makes one send me a photo and I will put it on my blog, I would love to see how they look.

Pic 1 -Wispy pieces of felt

Pic 2 – Dip into your soapy water

Pic 3 – roll in your palms using a circular motion

Pic 4 -your pea, make four more and leave to dry overnight

Pic 5- your stuffing should hardly show, a skinny pod is best!

Pic 6 -Peas happily stuck in their pods

Pic 7 – sew through pea 5

Pic 8 -sew through pod top to make a stalk

Pic 8 again – wrap leaf around the top and sew

Pic 9- sew on your pin – Finished!


6 thoughts on “Tutorial – How To Make A Felted ‘Peas In A Fabric Pod’ Brooch

  1. le sigh… love. peas. must. resist. going. to. craft. store…. So adorable. About the pod part, you soak a bigger piece and them shape it, let it dry and top stitch the edge? (guessing/asking)

    • Hi there, the pod is fabric, can you click the instructions,it should say there, i hope they are coming up. I have used two bits of fabric one felt and a piece of old woollen scarf then cut it out to the pattern i have attached. I will change the title to felted peas in a fabric pod, just incase. Does this help? Hope you do a pea recipe soon!

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